Pharm.D gets AICTE approval !! Pharm.D students to get stipend and scholarships !!

All-India Council for Technical Education has decided to approve Pharm.D course . All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), with the permission of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) of the Government of India, has included both the six-year and the three-year Doctor of Pharmacy programmes (Pharm D and Pharm D – PB ((Post Baccalaureate)) in the Approval Process Hand Book for 2018-19.

As per AICTE Act 1987 and the AICTE Regulations 2016, like other engineering and technology programmes, all pharmacy degree and diploma programmes have to be approved by AICTE. But Pharm.D programme was not approved by the AICTE. However many Pharm D colleges misled the public as they had AICTE approval for B.Pharm course. Pharm.D students never got opportunities to apply for various schemes of AICTE like travel grant and seminar grant. They could not appear for G.PAT examinations because Pharm.D was not an AICTE approved programme. Pharm.D (PB) students, even if G.PAT-qualified, were not eligible to get stipend. Many Pharm.D qualified persons are doing PhD programmes in various Indian Universities, without any financial support from AICTE. Some Universities provide financial assistance from UGC for the PhD programmes of those who completed Pharm.D.

By this approval, Government of India has now purely recognized both the courses after ten years of their launching by the Pharmacy Council of India. Regarding approval announcement, the AICTE, on December 18, published the approval handbook on its website.

As per the Hand Book norms, from next academic year, only AICTE approved institutions, running degree in pharmacy (B Pharm), will be permitted to run both the programs of the Pharm D. Until last year, several PCI approved institutions were conducting the course without the approval of AICTE. Institutions already running Pharm.D with the approval of PCI, have to apply further for AICTE approval to continue running the course.

From next academic year onwards, any institution which wants to start the course or seeks extension of the existing programs, has to apply for the approval of AICTE. Besides, all institutions, both already running the programs and those newly starting, have to comply with all the norms specifying adequate infrastructural facilities mentioned in the Approval Hand Book.

AICTE will verify all documents of the already running institutions and also for those newly applying. The Council will grant approval only after strict verification of the documents.
Now after AICTE approval the students of Pharm D will be eligible to get any scholarship or stipend or grant from MHRD to attend seminars or workshops. Further, they will get opportunities for research in the Indian pubic pharmacy research universities, known as, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER). Pharm D qualification was not included in the list of eligibility criteria for admission to Ph D due to disapproval of the course by AICTE.