Q. What is Pharm.D course?
 Pharm.D course is a Professional Pharmacy doctoral programme of 6 yrs duration after 10+2 (science academic stream) which includes 5yrs of academic study + 1 year of internship or residency.

Q. What is Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate)?
Pharm.D (PB) course is a Professional Pharmacy doctoral Programme. B.Pharm graduates shall be admitted as lateral candidate to the 4th year of Pharm.D programme & the duration of course is 3 academic years ( 2yrs of study and 1 year of internship or residency).

Q. What are the eligibility criteria to join Pharm.D courses?
For Pharm.D:
i) A pass in 10+2 examination with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subjects along with one of the following subjects: Mathematics or Biology.
ii) A pass in D.Pharm course from an institution approved by the Pharmacy council of India under section 12 of The Pharmacy Act.
For Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate):
A pass in B.Pharm from an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act.

Q. How many numbers of admissions will be made by the institution for the Pharm.D and Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate)?
Number of admissions for the Pharm.D program shall be as prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India from time to time and presently it is restricted to 30 students intake for Pharm.D & 10 students for Pharm D (PB) per academic year.

Q. What is the course content of Pharm.D programs?
  For detailed course content (syllabus) see:PharmD Regulations 2008 in our website

Q. Whether the Pharm.D is a registrable qualification?
    Yes, Pharm.D is a registrable qualification under the Pharmacy Act 1948.

Q. In what way Pharm.D differs from regular B.Pharm?
Both B.Pharm and Pharm D are the registrable qualification for practicing pharmacy profession under the Pharmacy Act. B.Pharm is a 4yrs course and Pharm D is 6 yrs course including one yr of clinical internship.Pharmacy practice component in all spheres of Pharmacy professional services like Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy,clinical research, regulatory, formulation development, quality control are emphasized in Pharm D programme and after Pharm D qualification the professionals are eligible to undertake Ph.D. programme. 

Q.After completion of Pharm D am I eligible for Ph.D.?
Yes. After Pharm.D the candidate is eligible to register for Ph.D.

Q. Can I prefix Dr to my name?
Yes, for the purpose of practicing Pharmacy Profession under Pharmacy Act. 

Q. What can Pharm.D.s offer to the biomedical research enterprise?
A. Pharm.D.s are well suited to ask and answer a variety of research questions that fall within the NIH mission. Specialized knowledge about drug absorption, disposition, and action is relevant to research supported by multiple NIH institutes and centers (ICs). A broad knowledge base combined with clinical and translational experience and interest provide pharmaceutical scientists with a unique skill set to conduct research directed toward achieving the goal of personalized medicine.

1.which jobs can do a PharmD candidate in India?
2.Can he work as a lecturer in B.pharm Institute?
3.Can he work in Pharma manuacturing companies?
4.Can he works as a C.R.A./Reaserch scientist/Pharmacovigilance.?
5.Is Pharm D is equivalent to the Ph.D?
6.What is the average salary of Pharm D candidate in U.S.A. & INDIA ?

We tried to give some brief information

1. Pharm.D professionals are well trained in patient Counselling and eligible to get job in hospitals as doctors.

2. He can work as lecturer but more likely in B.Pham/Pharm.D/M.Pharm colleges

3. Pharm D is the first choice for an Industry:.
-Clinical Research (for clinical trials - in thousands)
-Pharmacovigilance (mandatory now for all companies - in thousands)
-Research & Development (In hundreds)
-Medical Writing (In hundreds)
-Product Managers (In hundreds)
-Regulatory affairs (In hundreds)
-Correspondents & Trainers (In hundreds)
-Top level medical representatives (In thousands)

4. Pharm.D Professionals can work in CRO

5. No, Pharm.D is not equivalent to Ph.D... both are having different orientation....Likely they both will have prefix Dr. in front of their names... No other similarities.It is a pg qualification and can register directly for ph.d after completion of course.

6. Average salary in USA is 40-50 or more USD per hour in beginning....AND in INDIA we cant say until first batch comes out.