Unfair practices adopted in certain pharmacy institutions/examing authorities

New Delhi ,13 July 2014: The Pharmacy council of India has written to All institutions approved by PCI,All Universities / Examining Authorities conducting Diploma, Degree, Pharm.D and Pharm.D (PB) regarding Curbing of unfair practices adopted in certain pharmacy institutions/examing authorities.

It has been brought to the notice of the PCI that in some of the pharmacy institutions / examining authorities, the following types of unfair practices are being adopted -
a) Students do not attend the classess regularly and their attendance is marked.
b) All the classes both theory and practicals as per the norms are not conducted.
c) Examining Authorities do not follow the statutory norms prescribed by the PCI in holding examination.
d) No proper and effective checks are done on the copying during the examinations.
e) Migration policy of the PCI is not strictly followed etc.

The subject cited issue was considered by 95th Central Council of the PCI in its meeting held in May, 2014 which took a serious note of it and decided to write to all pharmacy institutions and the examining authorities to –
a) Strictly follow the norms and standards prescribed by the PCI.
b) Ensure that the dates and time–table of examinations are intimated not less than six weeks in advance to enable the Council to arrange for inspection of examinations as per Appendix-C of the Education Regulations 1991.
c) Note that failure to follow the norms, standards and guidelines of the PCI shall render the pharmacy institutions/examining authorities liable to action u/s 13 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948.

In view of the above, it is requested to strictly follow the norms and standards prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India. This is for strict compliance