Indian Pharmaceutical Association demands to enhance pharmacists' role in healthcare system

NEW DELHI: The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) has demanded to enhance the role of pharmacists in healthcare system in the country. In this regard, a representation has been sent to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH&FW) on behalf of the Association.

The IPA wants to provide equal opportunity to all pharmacists in the drug distribution system. Earlier, the Planning Commission made a strategy to distribute free medicines through public hospitals. Taking this strategy, the IPA has demanded the Central Government to adopt the same model being followed by the Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation, where pharmacists have to play an important role in drug distribution system.

“The government should realise that the pharmacists in the country are well educated and trained enough to handle drugs and can play a vital role in ensuring better access of medicines to the patients along with providing counselling and patient support. But for this it is essential that our role is well identified and recognised in the society by the government and the industry. We want the government to make us part of all the discussions undertaken by the decision makers so that even we have a say in the process related to the use of medicines in the country at various levels,” said Raj Vaidya, Vice President-chairman, Community Pharmacy Division, IPA.