Centre needs to elaborate hospital pharmacy in MBBS curriculum: Indian Pharmaceutical Association

NEW DELHI: The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) is mulling to send a representation to the Health Ministry by end of this month to request them to take immediate measures to elaborate the provisions of hospital pharmacy syllabus in the MBBS curriculum. 
IPA is of the opinion that only by doing so, then the MCI inspectors will be able to ensure full adherence of the current provisions in all the medical colleges in India. It is necessary to take steps to give information specifically which meets the demand of hospital pharmacy among the medical graduates for better management of the Healthcare.

Dr RN Gupta, Chairman of Hospital Pharmacy Division, IPA, said, “We want to ensure that this profession is put into use in a pro-active manner for the benefit of the society as well as for pharmacy in general. Developing hospital pharmacy in the country will not only lead to a better healthcare system but also will help in generating jobs opportunities for the pharmacy graduates and post graduates in the hospitals and other areas.”
Currently the sections in hospital pharmacy department deals with drug store inventory management, hospital formulary and drug procurement and also indoor dispensing and outdoor dispensing, patient counselling, nuclear pharmacy. A detailed emphasis on hospital pharmacy will be helpful in proper procurement of medicines in hospital, production and supply of medicines consisting of those medicines that are required in emergency.