Telangana Pharmacy Council elections 2023


The Telangana Pharmacy Council elections are just around the corner, and it's a crucial moment for our pharmacy community. The power to shape the future of pharmacy in Telangana rests in your hands, and one candidate, Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32, is dedicated to being your voice in the council.

Your Voice Matters

In every election, there's one candidate who stands out as a beacon of hope, a candidate who resonates with the aspirations and dreams of the community they aim to represent. Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 is that candidate for the pharmacists of Telangana.

Important Dates to Remember

Before we dive into why Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 deserves your vote, let's mark these essential dates on our calendars:

  • Ballot Paper Delivery: 19-Oct-2023 to 21-Oct-2023
  • Deadline to Return Voted Ballot Papers: 09-Nov-2023, 5 pm

These dates are not mere entries in your calendar; they are milestones in the journey towards a stronger, more promising pharmacy profession in Telangana.

Support Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32

Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 has a vision that resonates with the needs of our community. Here's why you should cast your vote in his favor:

1. Streamlined Registration Process Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 is committed to streamlining the registration process, making it easier for aspiring pharmacists.

2. Fair Salaries & Employment Opportunities Pharmacists play a vital role in healthcare, and they deserve fair compensation for their dedication. Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 understands the importance of fair salaries and will advocate for better employment opportunities for pharmacists across Telangana.

3. Elevate and Expand the Role of Pharmacists Pharmacists are not just dispensers of medication; they are integral members of the healthcare team. Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 envisions an expanded role for pharmacists, recognizing their expertise and contributions to patient care.

Conclusion The upcoming Telangana Pharmacy Council elections provide a unique opportunity to shape the future of our profession. Your vote for Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 is a vote for positive change, progress, and a brighter future for pharmacists in Telangana. Make your vote count, and let's elevate our profession together.

Remember, your voice is not just a sound; it's a force for change. Support Katam Sai Kumar Serial No. 32 and be a part of the transformation of pharmacy in Telangana.