Discussion of Pharm.D Associations with EC of Pharmacy Council Of India

Minutes of meeting: Discussion of Pharm.D Associations with EC of Pharmacy Council Of India on 18.2.2019.

New Delhi: 
Today we had a meeting with Central Executive Committee (PCI) at New Delhi under the chairmanship of Dr. B Suresh, Chairman Pharmacy Council of India New Delhi. In CEC meeting all the Pharm D Leaders from various states pressed their demands to the PCI president Dr.B. Suresh, Secretary Smt Archana Mugdal and others CEC members including Mr. Sailendra Sharaf (Vice President), Mr. Venkata Reddy (PCI Member, AP) Mr. Chouhan (member) and more. Almost 2.5 hr of long discussion on each and every issues related to Pharm D was held. PharmD leaders Dr. Sai Kumar Katam, Dr.Lakshmikanth Sankara, Dr. Chandrasekhar Banoth, Dr. Abhishek, Dr.Kaushik, Dr. Manjeet singh, Dr. Ram prasad, Dr. Arjun,Vinay kumar bharti and students strongly demanded clinical Pharmacy cader.
Below are some of the key points which were discussed in the meeting:
1. Inclusion of clinical pharmacist job specifications in pharmacy practice regulations 2015 & PCI president assured clinical pharmacist & pharmacovigilance officer will be included in regulations by the way of amendments.
2. We asked PCI to lobby with health ministry to utilise services of PharmD in all National & State Health Programs.
3. We ask PCI to stop giving permissions to colleges which do not have basic amenities to conduct the course. We also asked to recall permissions of colleges which do not have 300 bedded hospital tie-up. We have given RTI information which are not having 300bedded hospital tie-up. PCI president suresh sir assured to take action againt erring institutions
4. Regarding Dr. prefix and stipend
5. We asked for the minutes of the CEC meeting conducted today . He has assured this information will be sent to all the persons attended today.
He assured of review meeting after 6 months to pursue the status of work.