Clinical pharmacist, link between doctors and patient

Clinical Pharmacist
Hyderabad: To strengthen medical facilities at government hospitals, authorities in the State are in the process of recruiting health care professionals at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

While recruitment of human resources for government hospitals is underway, nothing much has been talked about in terms of recruiting clinical pharmacists, who are an important link between doctor and the patient, said experts in public health and senior doctors here.
Considered as an important cog in the wheel of health care delivery mechanism, unlike in Europe and United States, the role of clinical pharmacists is less defined in India.
Of late, however, the acceptance towards clinical pharmacists has started to rise and private hospitals in Hyderabad are recruiting talented clinical pharmacists.
“People tend to get confused between pharmacists and clinical pharmacists because there is no awareness on the issue. Pharmacists disburse medicines at a drug store while clinical pharmacists work with doctors and patients to ensure efficient delivery of drugs to patients,” said Katam Sai Kumar, national president, Doctor of Pharmacy Association.