Establishment, Development and popularization of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm d) Programme in India

This Article was sent to Revolution Pharm. D by Lin Mary George Second Year PHARM D students from National College Of Pharmacy(NCP), Manassery (P.O) Calicut, Kerala, India.

With the remarkable growth of hospitals,new challenges were raised which necessitated more planing and co-ordination among the healthcare professionals. There arised the concept of clinical pharmacy which in-turn lead to the birth of pharm d programme. Initially the programme was introduced in university of California in the year 1955.within a short while it attained wide acceptance and popularity. The pharmacy education in India is not much old. Though Madras medical college started pharmacy educational in 1860,it began as a university programme only in 1932 at BHU(Banarus Hindu University). In 1999 a remarkable attempt was made to start pharm d in India by Dr. Revikumar K.G  in Trivandrum medical college, kerala. But unfortunetly it failed. India and other countries came to think seriously about pharm d when Foreign Pharmacy Graduation Equivalency Committee(FPGEC) in US made it mandatory that a 5 year pharmacy graduation programme to be eligible to appear for Foreign Pharmacy Graduation Equivalency examination(FPGEE).All these prompted the authorities to introduce 6 year regular and 3 year post baccalaureate Pharm d in the country during the year 2008.