APSCHE says not to collect fee during Pharm.D internship

The Government of  Andhra Pradesh has responded to the representation of  Pharm.D 1st batch students.The  students have represented to the Government of A.P. requesting Not to collect tution fees in Pharma-D courses to undergo clinical Internship/Residency training and more particularly provide stipend to the students on the lines of MBBS/BDS - Reg.

The Department of Higher Education had written to  the Secretary APSCHE(Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education) on 18.01.2014 for taking further action in this regard as per rules. The secretary APSCHE  had submitted their remarks to the government with their findings vide Letter:Rc.No.165/APSCHE/ Pharma-D/ clinicalInternship/Residency on Dt: 28.01.2014.

The Secretary APSCHE submitted to the Government that:
                              " (a) The duration of Pharma-D course is 6 years which include one year
                                        of internship/residency training.

                                (b) The course was Introduced in the year 2008 and the first batch of
                                        students of the course are now undergoing the internship training
                                       during year 2013-14. The managements of the Pharmacy colleges
                                       which have admitted the students in the said course are reported
                                       to be collecting tution fees for the period of internship. Infact, the
                                       students are entitled for stipend during the period of internship.

                                 (c) As per reference (3) cited, the managements of the pharmacy colleges
                                      have to enter MOU, with hospitals concerned, which are offering
                                      internship training and shall pay an amount of Rs. 25,000/-
                                     per annum per student towards providing training in the hospitals,
                                     which the management of the colleges must have paid.

As per the Gazette of India, Pharma-D course is of 6 years of which 5 years is of study and one year is of internship. As per rules governing Post Matrics/Ship that Scholarship will not be paid for the period of internship/ housemanship in the M.B.B.S course or practical training in other courses. Further, AFRC, has fixed a uniform tution fee of Rs. 86,000/- per annum for the first batch of students and they were not entitled for reiumbursement of tution fee paid by them.

In the light of above, it is evident that, the students of first batch of Pharm-D course need not pay fees in any form towards the 6th year internship programme of the course to the management of the college, except paying tution fee for first five years of the course as prescribed by AFRC.Thereby, the representation of the student appears to the genuine.

In this regard, I am by direction, submit remarks on the issue to the Government for issuing suitable orders with Instructions to the management of pharmacy colleges offering Pharma-D course, that collection of tution fees for the 6th  year of course (internship period) is not permissible."

After receiving the above  letter from APSCHE….
The Government, has now directed AFRC(Admission & Fee Regulatory Committee) to take necessary action in the matter as per rules.

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