Pharmacist to assist patients at CMCH

The Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH) has posted a pharmacist at the outpatient ward to advise patients on the dosage and at what time they have to take medicines.
According to Deputy Medical Superintendent of CMCH Isaac Christian Moses, more than 6,000 outpatients get over 150 different drugs from the CMCH every day. However, despite a doctor’s briefing during the examination, many of them may have doubts on how to take the prescribed drugs.
In order to assist such patients, a pharmacist has been posted since last week, with a signboard nearby that advises patients to seek his guidance.
With the drugs sourced by the State-run Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation having their names printed in both Tamil and English, the pharmacist said that it was relatively easy to explain to the patients.

Drug safety
As for drug safety, Dr. Isaac said the hospital had installed a software that gave an alert on drugs whose expiry date was just three months away. Dean R. Vimala conducts periodical meetings with all heads of departments to assess drug position in the hospital.
Around 40 per cent of drugs given were for just four categories: dog bites, snake bites, heart attacks and anti-D Immunoglobulin, a medicine used to prevent antibody formation in rhesus negative women who have a rhesus positive baby.
Even injections worth Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs.3 lakh were being given to in-patients at the CMCH, thanks to the revenue generated by the Chief Minister’s Health Insurance Scheme, the sources added. On the rush at the pharmacy that is open only till noon, Dr. Isaac said that in addition to the existing pharmacy, each department was being provided with an individual pharmacy.

'In addition to the existing pharmacy, each department in CMCH is being provided with an individual pharmacy'