PharmD course emphasized by Prof B.Suresh during Chhattisgarh visit

A NATIONAL seminar on Future of Pharmacy Profession in Chhattisgarh: Challenges Ahead was held on Feb 1st  2013 in Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University. Prof B Suresh. was the chief guest.Prof S K Pandey, Vice-Chancellor of the university and Dr P G Shrotiya, Member of Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission were also present.

Prof B Suresh  emphasized that Doctor of Pharmacy is such an advanced course by qualifying which a pharmacist can greatly help the doctors and patients regarding safe use of medicines. All the states in country which are advanced in terms of educational experiment are running this course. It is presently not run in Chhattisgarh. Pharmaceutical industry is changing fast and new products are coming frequently in the market. The pharmacists should know as to how much the new medicines are beneficial for the people and whether they have any side effects. 

The pharmacy students were advised that learning is a life-long process and it was also stressed that universities, institutions and associations in the country should support learning after qualifications. The need of Research Incubator in universities was also highlighted. It was focused in the context that institutions support education of student till the completion of course. The lab facilities and guidance are given till the completion. In case any qualified candidate has any idea, but not resources to materialise it... then institutions may not support such persons. Research incubator means such qualified persons Should he allowed to use the lab of universities so that they can go ahead with their ideas. It was also focused that pharmacists are associated with the health sector, but they are working isolation. They should be connected with doctors and patients. It was also stressed that teaching and learning prospects should be looked from global point of view.  expressed their views.

CHIEF Minister Dr Raman Singh has assured that the State Government will welcome proposals for establishing pharmaceutical industries in the State and he has also said that the pharmaceutical sector is also in the priority list of the Government. This was told by Prof B Suresh, President of the Pharmacy Council of India, who had a meeting with the Chief Minister. Prof Suresh further informed that the need of improving the pay-scale of pharmacists in the state government services and also their quality enhancement were expressed to Dr Singh. The Chief Minister assured that if suggestions are made in this regard then the State government will look into the suggestions with open mind, said Prof Suresh.