Current Situation of Pharm.D in India.

1) It would be better if the Council makes the CROs and other Clinical/Drug safety related Industries to be aware of Pharm.D and the positions they will be eligible.

2) I have been trying to find an opportunity but some companies say – over qualification but some say – they r looking for MBBS or people with Experience.

3) Pharm.D in India itself is a new course and of course there will be no chance of Experience, then what a Pharm.D can do?
4) In the general public, there are several misunderstandings and even some people are getting confused too.
5) Final thing i would like to mention you is, there is no proper control on Pharma and its career, may be this condition is only for Indian Pharma graduates.
If possible please try to make these things notified by higher authority, WHO CAN BRING SOME CHANGE unless those who listens and says – lets wait, we have other works.
Thank you
Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy K