Society holds pharmacists to a high degree of duty, integrity and honor, reflecting a responsibility to their patients and their community. As developing professionals, it is the responsibility of Pharm.D students to uphold these high expectations and to conduct themselves accordingly by observing all applicable laws as well as institutional policies, regulations and guidelines.

Doctor of Pharmacy students are preparing to enter one of the nation’s most respected professions.An important part of the process of becoming a professional involves acquiring the knowledge and skills to provide pharmaceutical care.PharmD students must exhibit academic behaviors consistent with professional expectations. The things they choose to do in and out of the classroom should reflect a strict adherence to a professional code of ethics. Pharmacy students must protect their patients’ confidentiality and commit to preparing themselves to provide pharmaceutical care to the best of their ability. They must also demand high professional standards from their peers, as they are preparing to be colleagues in a life-saving profession. For this reason, pharmacy students cannot tolerate academic misconduct of any kind – this would undermine what society expects of them as professionals. 

Professionalism requires pharmacists to assure that their peers in the field are behaving in society’s best interest. Therefore, it is critical that students not only exhibit ethical behavior but that they develop skills in confronting unethical actions among their colleagues as well.

                                                                                                      ~Sai Kumar Katam,PharmD.