Union Health Ministry to introduce 3 year Rural Medical Course

NEW DELHI: The Union Health Ministry has stated that the proposed rural medical course will soon be implemented to tackle the shortage of doctors in rural areas. The 3½ year rural health care course has been titled as the Bachelor of Rural Health Care (BRHC).

The course is being considered by the Medical Council of India and the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare. This proposal has been on hold for a while now due to the objections from various professional bodies. The syllabus for the course has already been submitted to the Health Ministry by the MCI. The MCI has also had consultations with stakeholders as per the directions from Health Ministry.
The aim of this course is to bring forth a cadre of health care professionals who are chosen, supported, trained and deployed for providing primary health care at sub-centre level in the rural areas.

Source:SME NEWS.