Pharm.D Patient care Mnemonics: WWHAM, ASMETHOD, ENCORE and SIT DOWN SIR

A mnemonic is sometimes used by pharmacists to gather information to help them in diagnosing a patient's presenting complaint. Caution should be exercised when using a mnemonic due to the fact that a mnemonic may fail to obtain all necessary information that is needed before diagnosing the patient's presenting complaint accurately and further questioning may be necessary depending on the patient's response to questions. Listed below are some of the mnemonics used when responding to symptoms.

W Who is the patient
W What are the symptoms
H How long have the symptoms been present
A Action taken
M Medication being taken

A Age/appearance
S Self or someone else
M Medication
E Extra medicines
T Time persisting
H History
O Other symptoms
D Danger symptoms

E Explore
N No medication
C Care
O Observe
R Refer
E Explain

S Site or location of a sign/symptom
I Intensity or severity
T Type or nature
D Duration
O Onset
W With (other symptoms)
N Annoyed or aggravated by
S Spread or radiation
I Incidence or frequency
R Relieved by