The Cephalosporins -Remember this story

  • First Generation Cephahlosporins - Remember this story:
Mr. Fazol (ceFAZOLin) is a Lorry Driver (cephaLORIdine). He works very hard and has become Thin (cephaloTHIN) He has a "Rad" Watch on his hand (cephRADine) and a "Lux" soap (cephaLEXin). He wears a bright green Drawer {i.e trousers} ( cefaDROxil)

Route of drug administration: He will put the Lux soap in his Drawer - (Cefalexin & Cefradine are given orally. The latter can also be given i.v. /.i.m.. All others- i.v. /.i.m)
  • Second Generation Cephalosporins: Remember FOX, FUR, FAC - ceFOXitin, ceFURoxime, ceFAClor
  • Third Generation Cephalosporins - The story goes thus:
Mr. Aziz (ceftAZIdime) is taking an Ox (ceftizOXime, cefpodOXime) in a Taxi (cefoTAXIme) for slaughtering, i.e. an Operation (cefOPERAZONE). For this purpose he is taking Three Axon blades (cefTRIAXONe). He will Fix (ceFIXime) the ox for dinner (cefDINIR) in a short time!

Route of drug administration: Fix the price and eat (only Cefixime is given oral: all others im/iv).

ADRs: Operation will cause bleeding (Cefoperazone cause bleeding)
  • Fourth Generation Cephalosporins:
My wierd dream:  QUEEN of ROME who FLEW to OZONE layer, fell down and was made IP (Inpatient) by ME. Helps you to remember fourth generation cephalosporins - Cefquinome, Cefpirome, Cefluprenam, Cefozopran, Cefipime.