Pharmacy colleges in Chhattisgarh not in favour of launching Pharm D course in their colleges

Even as the first batch of the Pharm D course has come out and started internship in major hospitals in various parts of the country, the pharmacy colleges in the central India, especially in Chhattisgarh, are of the opinion that the course is not feasible for Indian scenario. 

According to teachers and principals of leading pharmacy teaching institutions located in various parts of Chhattisgarh, the much publicised six- year Pharm D course is not feasible for Indian scenario and not cent percent adequate for managing a clinical pharmacy in western countries. The principal of a well known pharmacy college, requesting anonymity, said that in Chhattisgarh there is lack of awareness about Pharm D and no college in the state is running the course.

“How can it get be done in India ? First, the patient has to go to the doctor for diagnosis, gets the diagnosis report, then goes to the Pharm D pharmacist for consultation and prescription of drugs, and gets the medicine from another outlet. This is not feasible in India, a country with more than 110 crore population and limited number of hospitals with limited facilities”, an experienced principal of a pharmacy college said.

Including two government colleges, there are 12 pharmacy colleges in the new state, out of which 7 colleges are having both B Pharm and M Pharm courses. One college is conducting only Diploma in Pharmacy course and B Pharm is conducted in 11 colleges. According to sources, all the pharmacy colleges in Chhattisgarh are unable to fill up the maximum capacity of  student intake, and the passed out graduates and post graduates are struggling to find out a job in their own state. The situation is getting worse year after year.

The main reason pointed out for unemployment for pharmacy graduates in Chhattisgarh is the dormant way of the government in supporting pharma industry, due to this attitude no manufacturing industry or clinical research organisation is coming to the state. Even for training purpose, the students of the pharmacy colleges in Raipur, Bilaspur and Bhilai are sent to pharma companies in Indore, Bhopal, Bangalore and Mumbai, said Dr D K Thripathi, principal of Rungta College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research, Bhilai.

According to him government is the agency to create job opportunities for the educated class. Every year more than 300 graduates and post graduates in pharmacy are coming out of various colleges. The healthcare activities in the state are very poor. It has to be developed like what is in Rajasthan where all kinds of drugs are distributed freely with the participation of qualified pharmacists. Pharmacists are getting jobs there, such system has to be implemented in Chhattisgarh also, Dr Thripathi opined.

“In our state there are all the facilities for setting up manufacturing companies. If companies come, CROs will also come. The situation will create placements for plenty of graduates. The state has no power shortage, no water shortage, no manpower problem, no land problem and no political problem. All the facilities are there for the industry. Only problem is the lacklustre attitude of the government”, commented the principal of Rungta College.

To a query he said so far either the AICTE or PCI has not withdrawn the approval of any of the colleges in Chhattisgarh with respect to faculty or infrastructure. All the colleges are complying with all the norms and appointing qualified teachers from outside the state. But there is lack of awareness about pharmacy course. In most of the colleges 40% of the seats are lying unfilled for all the courses.

Dr Thripathi said even now the general public is thinking that pharmacists are mere helpers of doctors.   It is too difficult to change the concept unless total awareness is created.