Increasing copying of review/research articles among Indian Pharmacy Students

In India more and more professionals, specially students of mainly UG and PG level are interested in publishing review or research article in their name either due to personal interest or by pressure from the institutional guide.This situation of increasing awareness of publishing the original work is definitely a great boon to Indian research scenario, but the underlying fraud of doing plagiarism is lowering the worthiness of Indian research work, we are losing our credibility and the same can be seen in the increasing cases of rejected articles from Indian authors who conducted research work in less known institutes in India.

Its not only students that are responsible for this fraud work, but also the faculty,university, journals editors and reviewers,publishers etc. all in some way a part of this. 
we surely need to have some concrete measures taken to stop this cheating process.The irnoy is that most of the persons doing this dont even have any knowledge that its not a good practice. Indian Universities and regulatory bodies concerning this should take plagiarism seriously.Awareness should be generated among the students as they mostly dont even know what they are doing.

Please come and share your views on how this plagiarism is increasing,factors responsible and more importantly how it can be eradicated

                                                                                                             - Sai kumar Katam,PharmD.