Pharmacy Students Agitating on PCI surprise inspection

It has been observed since year 2000 that the Pharmacy students pursuing B.Pharmacy use to go for class bycott, Dharna and representation for PCI inspection and disturb their own college without any reason. It is related to registration rather than employment and degree recognition. Any institution approved by AICTE in which PCI recommended senior
Professors are part as an expert to see the approval condition and then sanction B.Pharmacy 4 years degree course.As per the Pharmacy Act-1948, Chapter 2, Section 10 the minimum standard of education required for registration as a Pharmacist is Diploma in Pharmacy.Technical Universities of the country on approval of the course recommend affiliation to the H.E. Chancellor through concerned government and BOS, Academic Council and Executive Council process courses and degree valid for international employment and pursuation of higher education. AICTE and PCI have MOU that PCI see the infrastructure and valid number of qualified teachers are available in the concerned department or college.

Surprise inspection decided by PCI in which no interference or request permissible ethically. Enforcing PCI for surprise visit is possible when PCI has any stake. Better than surprise inspection if PCI adopted a written test for registration as Bar Council of India has, it will be difficult to get registration done on payment of duly fees fixed up by the State Pharmacy council.PCI is flexible on retrospection of period from the date of AICTE approval of the course.

Therefore, it would be in the interest of all stake holders that students with B.Pharm degree can practice the profession of Pharmacy, if they qualify an examination for registration to be conducted by the Pharmacy Council of India. This examination would test the competence of the candidate to practice as a Pharmacist.
In every state there are certain persons instigate agitation and incite favour for their purpose.Without degree registration is not possible, once you are in Job, registration can be taken anytime. Agitation should not spoil impression of PCI inspections, this will be adverse to us. Since PCI team generally visits in the month of March of every year.