Students ask PCI to initiate immediate action against erring pharma colleges for fake faculty

Even as the pharmacy colleges are mushrooming in the country, there are serious allegations about the quality of faculty in these colleges. The  aggrieved students have raised question marks over the role being played by pharma education regulators like the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) for failing to control the spreading rot in the pharma education system in the country.

According to sources, several pharmacy colleges in the country are working without qualified faculty. In these colleges, most of the faculty members remain in paper only. In actual practice, these colleges are being run without qualified teachers, which will have an adverse effect on the quality of education imparted by these colleges.

The modus operandi of these colleges is that at the time of inspections by the PCI inspectors, they will provide a list of qualified faculty which will remain on paper only. The list of faculty provided by these pharmacy colleges to the PCI during the time of inspection are fake and most of the faculty members listed by the colleges are in fact not working with the colleges, sources said.

The aggrieved students have alleged that such malpractices are being resorted to by these colleges in collusion with the PCI as the repeated pleas of the students to the PCI to look into the issue did not bear any fruit so far. “Why the PCI doesn't like to take any action on fake document submitted by some fake pharmacy colleges even though PCI have been informed via mail or on phone call? What’s the reason behind? Means PCI taking BRIBE or else reason?,” asked the aggrieved students in their letter to the PCI.

Citing an example of fake faculty, the students have referred to the HIMT College of Pharmacy, Noida, UP.

Among the 16 faculty members mentioned in the website of HIMT, the students said that the faculty No 3 Dr Adnan is working in another company while his name has been shown as regular faculty. Likewise, faculty Nos 14, 15 and 16 Tanu, Manisha Gupta and Nehal Mohsin are not working with HIMT but have been shown as faculty members. Tanu and Manisha had resigned from the college long back and Manisha is working at AIIMS and Tanu and Nehal are working in a company and are not coming to HIMT at all. Faculty No 6 Danish Mahmood is working in Ranbaxy on regular basis and not coming to the college at all. Likewise, faculty No 6 and Abdus and Shabaz are also not working in HIMT even though have been shown as faculty members, the students said.

The fake list does not end here. More interesting faculty No 9 Pravez Ansari is not even in India and the college has shown him as regular faculty.

The aggrieved students have warned the PCI to take immediate action against the erring colleges, otherwise they will be forced to move court.