Testimonial from a professor.

 First of all i congratulate the creators of this site & wish them all the best for their prosperity and hope will bring up the best articles , news, information about the course.

I am a faculty of pharmacy , in my career i have seen many students in pharmacy field who really come with a zeal to achieve their goals but due to lack of commitment, interest, and lack of facilities in the educational institutions students are not able to fulfill their goal. such students should build up their confidence to face any kind of problems during their course. teachers can guide the students, after it becomes the students responsibility of the student to work hard and achieve the goal. 

As this is the new course introduced in our country it takes time for the lay man to understand about it. there may be some peoplo who will be discouraging you, but you should patiently create an awareness in such people about the course, its uses how it has to be implemented in our area. you are the leaders of tomorrow. so, be courageous .