Pharmacist should have prescribing rights !

RevolutionPharm.D inclined to ask for prescribing rights for every pharmacists from the first day they qualify because even the most incompetent pharmacist is more competent than any other health care professional when it comes to medicines.

Prescribers frequently under dose their patients when prescribing antibiotics which is just as bad as overdosing because it encourages resistance and makes the infection harder to eradicate .The point about doctors is that if they're allowed to pick up experience from practice, why can't pharmacists who study 6 years solely about medicines. In any case pharmacists wouldn't prescribe everything even if given the right, but it could help us to get out of awkward situations legally by being able to prescribe, e.g. if you ran out of the pharmacy only version of levonell one step one could prescribe the POM version and get out of it legally without breaching the law.

Ironically we're allowed to give daktarin oral gel for thrush for children from 2 upwards, yet nystatin is actually safer for children because there is less systemic absorption associated with nystatin. If  we were allowed to prescribe we would recommend nystatin to the patients instead.

There are easy conditions to treat if we were allowed to prescribe even with very limited diagnostic skills which will undoubtedly very rapidly develop.

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