Pharm.d student escapes from jaws of death

R Venkatesh, Bangalore:
While Bangaloreans are yet to forget the kidnap and murder of pediatrician Dr Sharath Kumar, another abduction case was reported in the City on Monday. However, in this case, the girl escaped from the jaws of death.
The victim, Tulasi Reddy (name changed) a doctor of pharmacy (Pharm D) programme student of PES college at Hanumanth Nagar was allegedly kidnapped. By evening, due to the infighting among kidnappers, she was blindfolded and left on the outskirts of KR Puram.

The police said Tulasi,
from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, was staying at the college hostel near Sita Circle, Hanumanth Nagar. 

Around 10 am, she, along with her classmates, started walking towards the college,  where they were supposed to attend the lab. The girls usually take around 10 minutes to reach the college.

Midway, a youth approached her and said one of her relatives was seriously ill. Before she could take out her cell phone and make a call, he forced her to rush to hospital. The youth managed to persuade her to accompany him. He directed her to the van which was parked nearby. 

The moment she got into the vehicle, she saw three people inside and realised something was amiss. The gang steered the vehicle towards Old Madras Road. Within minutes, a gang member started saying: “I love you a lot and can’t live without you.”

Meanwhile, the drama took a different turn. The gangs ordered her to call up her cousin and ask him to arrange the ransom. The cousin realised there was some thing wrong. While the speaker phone was on, he told her to be brave and that he will handle the situation.

At this juncture, the kidnappers had some differences and got into an argument. They blindfolded the victim and, in a fit of rage, pushed her out of the vehicle.

The lucky Tulasi took time to come to terms with the episode and managed to call her friends. Later, the college management informed the police. Immediately, a police team along with a professor rushed to KR Puram and brought the girl safe.

The Bangalore south division police were contemplating registering a kidnapping case. By late evening, the Giri Nagar police registered the case and started interrogating the girl.
SOURCE:Deccan herald.