Media has misinterpreted the statement of Dr.B.Suresh President,Pharmacy Council of India

Revolution Pharm D Exclusive

Media has misinterpreted the statement of  Dr.B.Suresh President, Pharmacy Council of India and a clarification in this regard had been issued exclusively to Revolution Pharm D on Sunday, 20 November 2011.
President said that, it appears that the press and other media have misinterpreted or incorrectly stated what he said at a national workshop organised by IPA – Peenya branch at Acharya & B M Reddy College of Pharmacy in Bangalore.

 “ In the said meeting where I have been quoted , I was answering a query of a student .I had said that the ACPE is planning an international certification / recognition programme and as of now they do not have an international accreditation system. Similarly I had answered to another query of what after Pharm.D - I had stated that there will be several opportunities in India and abroad for pursuing specialization in a particular field.While saying all these I would like to state that I personally as well as PCI is continuously  in touch with similar like minded individuals and organizations and are working together to bring out an international frame work for quality assurance in pharmacy education.”said President .

Explaining on the same to Revolution PharmD,President  emphasized that ACPE cannot approve a programme in India in a blanket order or understanding. similarly PCI as a statutory body regulating pharmacy education in India also cannot ask another country to approve a programme. These have to be done under the approval and mutual recognition of foreign qualification of both the countries and is a country to country arrangement.

What actually the fact is that PCI has introduced the Pharm.D qualification as a professional doctorate programme  and is a registrable qualification for practicing the profession in India. When any pharmacist of our country is desirous to pursue his carreer as a pharmacist in another country he has to comply with the regulations of the country which may involve appearing for examination, undergoing residency periods , and any other condition that may be prescribed by that country, besides the qualification acquired.

Revolution PharmD demands the  respective media to apologize as the statement has hurt feelings of the whole PharmD students

Earlier report which was  misinterpreted by media: 

“PCI soon to issue ACPE accreditation to Pharm. D students “