It is informed that Council in its meeting held in April, 2010 has decided to issue the following clarification to institution running Pharm.D. programme.
Clarification regarding evaluation of Remedial Mathematics/Biology (Ist year subject of Pharm.D.)

a) With the prior approval of the concerned Examining Authority, the institution can evaluate subjects of Remedial Mathematics/Biology either at its own level or the evaluation be conduced by the Examining Authority as prescribed under Pharm.D. Regulations, 2008.

b) Any one of the two subjects i.e. either Remedial Mathematics or Biology can be carried forward to 2nd year Pharm.D. as an additional failed subject alongwith 2 failed subjects of Ist year under regulation 15 of the Pharm.D. Regulations, 2008 subject to the condition that failure in more than two subjects shall debar the candidate from promotion to next year class (IIIrd year).