The purpose of this site is to bring a revolution in health care profession by spreading knowledge relating to Pharm.D.To improve quality of Pharm.D education.

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The purpose of this site is to bring a revolution in health care profession by spreading knowledge relating to Pharm.D.To improve quality of Pharm.D education

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Have a peace of mind that your notes will always be there when you need them.

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The purpose of this site is to bring a revolution in health care profession by spreading knowledge relating to Pharm.D.To improve quality of Pharm.D education.

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Have a peace of mind that your notes will always be there when you need them..

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The purpose of this site is to bring a revolution in health care profession by spreading knowledge relating to Pharm.D.To improve quality of Pharm.D education.

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Career Orientation Webinar for Pharm.D

 Create world Class Resume and stand out in the crowd in headhunter’s eyes !!

Doctor of Pharmacy Association presents career orientation webinar. If you are a student looking forward to graduate soon, a fresh graduate, or an employee who is switching profession; we assure you this webinar has tremendous benefit for you.

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PharmD internship during COVID-19 (Corona virus)

The Pharmacy council of India has eased the Pharm.D internship norms in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was brought to the notice of the council that the students have gone to their hometown/home countries and due to complete lockdown and shutdown of transportation facilities, these students are held up where they are. This is leading to loss of time for such students.

In view of above, in order to remove the difficulties in internship for Pharm D students in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to:

a) Allow internship in any hospital approved by the PCI within India provided the hospital and Dean/Principal of the Pharm D College where the student is studying, allow the same.

b) Allow internship to a foreign student who has gone to his/her home country, in a super specialty hospital situated in that country subject to-

i. approval of the Dean/Principal of the Pharm D college where the student is
Studying, allows the same.

ii. During internship, the intern shall maintain and submit a record of work duly verified and certified by the preceptor under whom s/he underwent internship in the hospital. Based on the record of work and date of evaluation, the Dean or Principal shall issue certificate of satisfactory completion of training, following which the university shall award the degree or declare him/her eligible for it.

c) No permission or No Objection Certificate or clearance is required from PCI.

It was further decided that above relaxation is only for the internship done during the year 2020 due to COVID -19 pandemic and shall not set a precedence.

Below is the official notification. 

Pharm D professionals should be incorporated under NMC bill

Image result for narendra modi
HYDERABAD: Doctor of Pharmacy Association, shot off a letter to the Prime Minister on Saturday, seeking creation of posts for clinical pharmacists and drug information specialists. As per the association there are no posts in hospitals for this cadre, despite a large number of passouts and students currently pursuing Pharm D course. There are approximately 10,000 Pharm D pass-outs and 56,000 students across India.

The members stated that Pharm D professionals should be incorporated under National Medical Commission Bill. Presenting their case for creating of clinical pharmacist cadre in each hospital, as per the bed strength, the association wrote: “There is strong evidence this is a safe, convenient and cost effective solution to address the healthcare needs of the nation. Pharmacists can immunize, reissue prescriptions for long term conditions in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Egypt and Ireland. In most cases a doctor makes a diagnosis and initiates the treatment and a care plan is shared with the pharmacist. The government must include Pharm D professionals for bridge course as the syllabus includes almost all topics of modern system medicine except diagnosis and surgery.”

Read more at :

Discussion of Pharm.D Associations with EC of Pharmacy Council Of India

Minutes of meeting: Discussion of Pharm.D Associations with EC of Pharmacy Council Of India on 18.2.2019.

New Delhi: 
Today we had a meeting with Central Executive Committee (PCI) at New Delhi under the chairmanship of Dr. B Suresh, Chairman Pharmacy Council of India New Delhi. In CEC meeting all the Pharm D Leaders from various states pressed their demands to the PCI president Dr.B. Suresh, Secretary Smt Archana Mugdal and others CEC members including Mr. Sailendra Sharaf (Vice President), Mr. Venkata Reddy (PCI Member, AP) Mr. Chouhan (member) and more. Almost 2.5 hr of long discussion on each and every issues related to Pharm D was held. PharmD leaders Dr. Sai Kumar Katam, Dr.Lakshmikanth Sankara, Dr. Chandrasekhar Banoth, Dr. Abhishek, Dr.Kaushik, Dr. Manjeet singh, Dr. Ram prasad, Dr. Arjun,Vinay kumar bharti and students strongly demanded clinical Pharmacy cader.
Below are some of the key points which were discussed in the meeting:
1. Inclusion of clinical pharmacist job specifications in pharmacy practice regulations 2015 & PCI president assured clinical pharmacist & pharmacovigilance officer will be included in regulations by the way of amendments.
2. We asked PCI to lobby with health ministry to utilise services of PharmD in all National & State Health Programs.
3. We ask PCI to stop giving permissions to colleges which do not have basic amenities to conduct the course. We also asked to recall permissions of colleges which do not have 300 bedded hospital tie-up. We have given RTI information which are not having 300bedded hospital tie-up. PCI president suresh sir assured to take action againt erring institutions
4. Regarding Dr. prefix and stipend
5. We asked for the minutes of the CEC meeting conducted today . He has assured this information will be sent to all the persons attended today.
He assured of review meeting after 6 months to pursue the status of work.

World Pharmacists Day 2018

Pharmacists: Your medicines experts”  is the theme of this year’s World Pharmacists Day.

Pharm.D highlighted in Agnyaathavaasi movie

Pawan Kalyan portrayed as P. Balasubramanyam, Pharm.D professional. Pharm.D resume with Pawan Kalyan photo displayed during a Job interview scene. We are very thankful to Pawan Kalyan Garu for recognizing Pharm.D course and Supporting us.

Pharm.D gets AICTE approval !! Pharm.D students to get stipend and scholarships !!

All-India Council for Technical Education has decided to approve Pharm.D course . All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), with the permission of the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) of the Government of India, has included both the six-year and the three-year Doctor of Pharmacy programmes (Pharm D and Pharm D – PB ((Post Baccalaureate)) in the Approval Process Hand Book for 2018-19.

As per AICTE Act 1987 and the AICTE Regulations 2016, like other engineering and technology programmes, all pharmacy degree and diploma programmes have to be approved by AICTE. But Pharm.D programme was not approved by the AICTE. However many Pharm D colleges misled the public as they had AICTE approval for B.Pharm course. Pharm.D students never got opportunities to apply for various schemes of AICTE like travel grant and seminar grant. They could not appear for G.PAT examinations because Pharm.D was not an AICTE approved programme. Pharm.D (PB) students, even if G.PAT-qualified, were not eligible to get stipend. Many Pharm.D qualified persons are doing PhD programmes in various Indian Universities, without any financial support from AICTE. Some Universities provide financial assistance from UGC for the PhD programmes of those who completed Pharm.D.

By this approval, Government of India has now purely recognized both the courses after ten years of their launching by the Pharmacy Council of India. Regarding approval announcement, the AICTE, on December 18, published the approval handbook on its website.

As per the Hand Book norms, from next academic year, only AICTE approved institutions, running degree in pharmacy (B Pharm), will be permitted to run both the programs of the Pharm D. Until last year, several PCI approved institutions were conducting the course without the approval of AICTE. Institutions already running Pharm.D with the approval of PCI, have to apply further for AICTE approval to continue running the course.

From next academic year onwards, any institution which wants to start the course or seeks extension of the existing programs, has to apply for the approval of AICTE. Besides, all institutions, both already running the programs and those newly starting, have to comply with all the norms specifying adequate infrastructural facilities mentioned in the Approval Hand Book.

AICTE will verify all documents of the already running institutions and also for those newly applying. The Council will grant approval only after strict verification of the documents.
Now after AICTE approval the students of Pharm D will be eligible to get any scholarship or stipend or grant from MHRD to attend seminars or workshops. Further, they will get opportunities for research in the Indian pubic pharmacy research universities, known as, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER). Pharm D qualification was not included in the list of eligibility criteria for admission to Ph D due to disapproval of the course by AICTE.

Vacancy for the post of Pharmacovigilance Associates at NCC-PvPI, IPC

No of Posts : 14
Job Location : IPC, Ghaziabad and anywhere in India
Qualification Essential: Minimum Qualification should be Pharm.D / M.Pharm / BDS /MBBS from a recognized University Or candidate with Post Graduate degree in the relevant field having one year experience in Pharmacovigilance/ Pharmacovigilance Programme of India.
Desirable: One year relevant work experience in handling clinical/ Pharmacovigilance data. Proficiency in Computer Applications.
Job Description:
• Collection of ADR Reports.
• Follow up with the reporter/patient for Completeness as per SOPs.
• Data Entry in VigiFlow.
• Reporting to NCC-PvPI through VigiFlow with the source data (Original) attached each ADR case.
• Training/Sensitization/Feedback to physicians through news letter circulated by the NCC-PvPI.
• Other activities as assigned by competent authority time to time.


On the occasion of World Pharmacists Day ,Doctor of Pharmacy Association is organizing a National Level workshop on "BASICS OF PHARMACOVIGILANCE" Striving for excellence.

Technical Sponsor of Programme: NCC- PvPI, IPC Ghaziabad

For more details of the programme, download the below attached brochure and registration form.

Date: 24 Sep 2017    


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